Monday, 16 February 2015

Lighting - getting started!

I have decided to use a combination of miniature lighting items as well as LED strips from the hardware store.
My lights are going to be relatively simple with two chandeliers a  lamp for the desk and then hidden strip LEDs to light the cabinets and the rest of the room.  These would be great for anyone lighting those rooms that you have a glimpse of but cannot see inside the whole room.
I have chosen a beautiful lamp for the desk from my good friend Raymond Storey.  He did a limited run of lights with this beautiful finish and I think this will work nicely on the desk.  His amazing glass that he blows himself enhances all of his lights making them quite unique.
I drilled a hole through the floor and used my dremel to make a channel for the wire underneath.  The wire comes back up underneath and behind the panelling in the corner of the box.  I will use a permanent brown marker to colour the white wire so that it "disappears."
I am also using two chandeliers from the Getzans.  I think they will enhance the box as it is meant to be rather formal.
The LEDs are ones that I found recently and they will provide a great deal of light for the shelving at the back of the box.  The LEDs come with a little battery pack so that you can light them up and see how they work. They plug into the power cord that comes in the package.   They will definitely work well in this box.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Detail added to walls

I did decide to go ahead and add the detail to the walls.  I used the tip from Sophia's friend Bill to cut my pieces of decorative strip wood. My cutting mat already had the crosses for my angles which simplified cutting my corners. Sophia's tip is here....
Cutting the proper angle is easy

Duplicating shorter pieces

Duplicating longer pieces

Covering up the gaps!
For the longer pieces of trim, I turned the box on its side and used the weight of some heavy batteries to hold the pieces in place while the glue dried.
Long pieces held in place to dry
I touched up the corners with a tiny bit of stain on the upper crown as well as the trim pieces on the walls and under the shelving.
Stain touch up
I am rather pleased with the results - lighting next!
Just needs some lights!