Friday, 23 January 2015

Stripwood Applied, Shelves Assembled

The shop is taking shape now with the addition of the stained and varnished strip wood.
I had a few difficulties with the wood shrinking over the time lapse from the summer.  I managed to cover the corners with trim pieces so it ended up working out well.
I have made my ceiling so that it will screw on and off easily if necessary. It makes working inside that much easier.   I did not attach the ceiling crown moulding to the ceiling but to the wall instead. 
I have cut some pieces of strip wood and inserted them under one shelf.  I am trying to decide if I want to add more detail below each shelf unit or leave them relatively plain.
I am almost ready to electrify this room - more to come......
Not quite finished!
Lighting will be added above shelves

Gap in corner from wood shrinking

Corner pieces

Room box flipped upside down to add crown moulding

Needs stain touch up in corner
Possibly adding more wood details?

Taking Shape!


  1. Taking shape indeed! I learned a little something here. Thanks!

  2. Hi Martha,

    Great progress and nice work! Looking forward to seeing if you really do "possibly add more wood trim" :-)


  3. Hello Martha,
    It is looking beautiful! the wood is so rich! I love the way you composed the room.
    Big hug,