Friday, 23 January 2015

Stripwood Applied, Shelves Assembled

The shop is taking shape now with the addition of the stained and varnished strip wood.
I had a few difficulties with the wood shrinking over the time lapse from the summer.  I managed to cover the corners with trim pieces so it ended up working out well.
I have made my ceiling so that it will screw on and off easily if necessary. It makes working inside that much easier.   I did not attach the ceiling crown moulding to the ceiling but to the wall instead. 
I have cut some pieces of strip wood and inserted them under one shelf.  I am trying to decide if I want to add more detail below each shelf unit or leave them relatively plain.
I am almost ready to electrify this room - more to come......
Not quite finished!
Lighting will be added above shelves

Gap in corner from wood shrinking

Corner pieces

Room box flipped upside down to add crown moulding

Needs stain touch up in corner
Possibly adding more wood details?

Taking Shape!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lessons Learned Again!!

I found some time to work on my wood panelled shop over the holidays.  I had left too much time in between a few key steps while assembling this miniature box. As a result, I discovered that my veneer had come loose in a few places.  Perhaps it was my spray glue but I believe that applying the walls in the humid summer and then coming back to it in the middle of a Canadian winter was not great!!! I was able to fix the walls by injecting glue with my glue syringe and clamping firmly to salvage my walls. 
I did a trial run of my shelving units before staining the wood.  The other lesson that I learned was that I should have stained and varnished my required strip wood at the same time as it took awhile to replicate a matching stain even though I had written down my proportions.  I think the maple veneer and the basswood stripwood absorbed it a little differently so the colour was off until I finally got it right! 
More to come.....
Assembled walls - trial run on shelving
Veneer coming loose
Mixing stains again

Strip wood to be stained

Stained and varnished
Final configuration for shelving before staining