Thursday, 30 October 2014

Filled China Shop

I enjoy the process of building a miniature room or structure but the most fun comes when it is ready to fill!  It seemed that it would be a good size for some of my collected pieces.  It turns out that  I actually should have built glass shelving along the side walls too! 
I have had a few of Jane Newman's pieces tucked away safely in a drawer waiting for someway to display them. The colour of her furniture was lovely to use as it went well with the flooring.
I have collected miniatures for awhile now so I have some wonderful china from various artisans.  Most readers of this blog will recognize the workmanship of Stokesayware, Terry Curran, Jack Cashmere and Teresa Welch of the China Closet.  I have displayed a few other pieces by various artisans and would be happy to identify them if someone is interested in a specific piece.

I thought afternoon tea might be nice so I have put it on the dresser on the right.  Lesley Burgess made the Stokesay Soverign Blue and Red tea sets up with her delicious looking food and it was too hard to resist one show a number of years ago.  The combined talents of two artisan's working together is always fun!

I had one casualty with a vase which was upsetting while filling the shop. I could not bear to throw it out!  It was a clean break so I was able to glue it together carefully and promptly filled the vase with orchids for the desk.

The washstands may or may not stay in the shop but they were made by Jane to use with Karen's porcelain pieces so it is fun to use them here. I particularly like the larger one with the hole in the stand for the wash bowl and the tiles Jane used were either Karen's or Terry Curran's work.

I thought that I would mention that I was in a dilemma about how to finish the front piece.  I found it a little odd that the trim on the sides of this kit extends out over the end (you can see it in my previous post.)  I decided to paint it to look like cement so used some textured paint and added Richard Stacey's  grey modelling dust. He suggests mixing it with glue and water but it worked well with my paint.

And finally, I thought you might be interested in my plate stands as they are sturdy and disappear for the most part.  They are actually something that I picked up online - miniature easels for buttons - which would be easy to make but I bought mine and clipped off the fronts a bit for the plates.  I also like the wooden stands if anyone comes across them from Bespaq.  I am not sure if these are still being made but they work quite well for me in both sizes.


  1. What a wonderful shop front. I love it. The china is beautiful!!!

  2. I like the looks of the shop. It is a change from the usual very full shops which I also like to look at. It has a crisp look to it. Your china is beautiful and nicely placed.

  3. You have a beautiful collection!

  4. I had no idea that they made display stands for buttons. Very interesting. as they certainly have come in handy for displaying your Marvelous collection of Miniature China! I love your collection and the order desk with the orchid atop was a great way to re-instate a beloved treasure. A Great Solution to an otherwise frustrating accident because the orchid in the vase, is the perfect finishing touch for your little china shop, :))


  5. Votre collection est superbement mis en valeur, un vrai bonheur à regarder!!!!

  6. Such a lovely collection Martha! What a shame you broke the vase, it is something I have done many times myself, unfortunately. You have given it a great new life, with the orchids in it it looks like that is what you always intended it for.

  7. Hi Martha,

    It is a wonderful shop filled with beautiful things!

    See you on Sunday :-)


  8. Hello Martha,
    I am in total awe of your china collection. The shop is just beautiful and your color choices really highlight the china. It is stunning...I am still a little jealous (in the nicest way possible) of the StokesayWare Imari ;)
    Big hug,

  9. ¡Que colección mas bonita de porcelana! Queda una tienda encantadoras

  10. Hello,
    I love bone china, and your collection is fantastic!