Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Do you Personalize A Kit To Suit Your Own Miniature Setting?

I have been a fan of Teresa Layman's kits for awhile now.  I have blogged about her kits in a previous post. This particular kit came with the printed canvas and no floss but a list of floss colours used in the example.  I delved into my ribbon and floss drawer and came up with some shades that I thought would suit my project more than the colours Teresa had suggested in her instructions. I also decided that I would use colours that I already had instead of going and buying a number of new colours.   I changed the baskets to brown as I felt that they would go nicely with a wood floor.   I also eliminated one of the large grape leaves to incorporate a bunch of green grapes as well as the purple.  I have almost completed the inner section and am now trying to decide if I will actually do the outer border or use this carpet in front of my dollhouse sink or inside a doorway.  Yet to be guess is others modify kits or class projects to suit their own taste and mini decor! Or, does everyone want to replicate the original?


  1. Hi Martha,

    I always follow the construction instructions to a T but I can't resist messing about with colours and design elements :-D

    When teaching, I often take extra "bits & bobs" in different colours to give the students a chance to personalize their projects. It is always great to see the results :-)

    Your rug is lovely! Adding the bunch of green grapes was inspired :-)


  2. Martha, you know where I fall on this issue: never replicate! I have to make a project mine even if I admire the original. So I change colors, floors, anything and everything.


  3. Hi Martha I don't think that I have Ever been true to Any instructions that came with Any kit! That is one of the very reasons that I like them and buy them. They offer " Scope for the Imagination" as Anne of Green Gables, often said. Some people will replicate the designs because they want exactly what is in the picture, and why not? But, I am more about how I can make it fit my expectations and customize it to spec. There is no right or wrong in this either way.... but it is just what I've always done. I love the modifications that you have made to your rug kit. The colors are such a good choice too, especially in the basket color. It is far more distinctive and now it's also entirely one of a kind as well! You Go Girl! :D


  4. Hello Martha,
    Great work on the kit. It looks beautiful. I am a man with very specific vision. I will personalize anything if it will fit in my vision. it is so hard and expensive to find miniatures that are just perfect for a room. if a kit or piece of furniture happens to work perfectly then I'm thrilled and put it in place. If not, get out of my way and let the fun begin ;)
    Big hug,