Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Do you Personalize A Kit To Suit Your Own Miniature Setting?

I have been a fan of Teresa Layman's kits for awhile now.  I have blogged about her kits in a previous post. This particular kit came with the printed canvas and no floss but a list of floss colours used in the example.  I delved into my ribbon and floss drawer and came up with some shades that I thought would suit my project more than the colours Teresa had suggested in her instructions. I also decided that I would use colours that I already had instead of going and buying a number of new colours.   I changed the baskets to brown as I felt that they would go nicely with a wood floor.   I also eliminated one of the large grape leaves to incorporate a bunch of green grapes as well as the purple.  I have almost completed the inner section and am now trying to decide if I will actually do the outer border or use this carpet in front of my dollhouse sink or inside a doorway.  Yet to be guess is others modify kits or class projects to suit their own taste and mini decor! Or, does everyone want to replicate the original?

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Needlework Frame

Summer seems to be the time when I find the odd moment to pick up my needlework. I learned to stitch from my mother and some of her needlework pieces are amongst my most treasured possessions. The effort and meticulous stitches in each piece represent hours of her time. 
I am stitching this carpet now for a second time for my blue bedroom in my dollhouse. I stitched it previously in pink but have yet to finish the edges and add the fringe as I changed direction in that particular room. Time wasted? Perhaps, but maybe someday I will use it for another project.
Catherine (Kilmouskie and Me ) recently showed us her beautiful frame that her grandmother had used for stitching. When I started stitching miniature carpets, I did not have a frame like hers and so my husband suggested that he could make one for me.  Over the years, he has made me a number of different sizes so that my various canvases fit the frame.  I bind the edges with masking tape and staple the canvas to the wood.  Occasionally, I stretch it as I work and staple it again a little tighter.  When the project is complete, it does not need much in the way of blocking.
I have often worked from counted charts which I simply clip to the frame.
Hopefully, I will be able to show you this one in place when it is finished with edges bound and a fringe!