Sunday, 27 April 2014

Staining the walls for the shop box

I have decided that the layout of this shop will be quite simple.  I will build shelving units for the back and have left floor space for a few pieces of miniature furniture on either side of the carpet.  I intend to put a desk on the carpet and perhaps another piece or two of furniture for display.
The walls are going to be wood panelled and as I am not great with faux finishing, I like to stain my wood.  I spent some time mixing different stains (I measure with syringes) until I found a colour that I liked with my mahogany floor.  I finally decided on a mix of red chestnut and the natural colour after playing with the ratio and practicing on scrap strip wood.
Our local store has maple veneer in rolls and I have used it for a few of my room box projects.  I decided to stain it before I applied it with glue to my wood walls.  If I had done it in the reverse order, I inevitably would have gotten some glue on parts and the stain would not have been absorbed in those spots.
I did find that the edges needed extra glue for some reason when using the spray glue on wood.  When I have applied it to illustration board - it seems to bond much more easily!  I did have a few spots lift so had to apply bits of glue and then clamp them back down. One lesson learned!
I sprayed all the stained walls with three coats of semi- gloss varnish.
The box will be enclosed with a front so while I intend to light it, I decided to paint the ceiling white and the back of the front of this box white to brighten the interior.
Ready to be assembled!

Mixing stain colours

Comparing stain colours to floor

Spray glue on back of stained veneer

Weighted veneered walls left to set overnight

Ready to assemble the box


  1. Thanks for sharing the process. It is good for future use.

  2. Hello Martha,
    I cannot wait to see more of the shop. Your "simple" design sounds lovely and I love the floor. Beautiful color!
    Big hug,