Monday, 21 April 2014

A new start - floor for a shop room box

Over the long weekend, I found some time to start yet another new project!  This one, I hope to finish in the coming weeks.  I am intending to use this for some of my finer miniatures that I have collected over the years.
I had the fellow at Home Depot cut my room box walls and floors for me from a sheet of MDF board.  It makes it so easy to have them cut it with their precision saw to your measurements. 
Using my table saw, I cut multiple lengths of mahogany strip wood and glued them to my floor piece.  I have a lovely carpet that I intend to use in this box so instead of using the more expensive real mahogany on the entire floor, I used the less expensive basswood in the centre.
Once I was finished gluing the floor boards, I spent a great deal of time sanding it before using my spray varnish. After each coat of spray, I used fine steel wool once it had dried between coats until I was pleased with the finish.  This floor has six coats of varnish.
Staining the walls next!

Mix of basswood and mahogany

Steel wool and spray varnish

Spraying outdoors
Carpet on my finished floor


  1. Hi Martha,

    How clever to use basswood for the area that will always be covered with carpet instead of mahogany. The floor looks wonderful!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!


  2. Hello Martha,
    I cannot wait to see this project come together. The floor is beautiful and I love that you did not use the Mahogany where it will not show...Great tip!
    I look forward to seeing more my dear friend.
    Big hug,