Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hanging Drapes With Velcro

Happy New Year!
My dollhouse is finally getting draperies!  This is the master bedroom and I had help with these draperies from a friend. I used Susan Bembridge's printed silk fabric for this room.   She agreed to print some coordinating silk in the same colour blue for me so that I had two fabrics to work with in this room.
When it came time to hang them, I wanted to use the brass drapery rods by Meadowcroft miniatures.  It was my friend's idea to hang them with the Velcro.  By simply, sewing one piece to the draperies and attaching the other with the sticky Velcro strip the draperies are easily adjusted and can be fiddled with to get them to hang properly.
I have just covered some valances for two other rooms which I will hang with the Velcro too.  I will post pictures of those rooms shortly.

Velcro stuck to wall

Velcro sewn to drapes


  1. Hi Martha,

    What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing!

    BTW: I love the material, you have used for the drapes. It is very elegant.


  2. Hello Martha,
    Why did I never think of using Velcro. It looks great! Well done. The fabric you chose is wonderful.
    Big hug,