Thursday, 19 September 2013

Favourite Mini Toolbox Items

I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer.  
I did not accomplish much in the way of miniatures this summer.  I did manage to get a few things started and worked on odds and ends which I will share in later posts.
It occurred to me that the reason that I enjoy reading miniature blogs is to learn new techniques that others share. I do enjoy seeing the end result when a miniature room is completed and filled with wonderful miniatures.
It also occurred to me that everyone has certain items that they work with that they "could not live without" when working in miniature.  I thought that it would be fun to share my few items and perhaps others will post their favourites too.
The table saw is a relatively new addition to my workroom.  I have not done a lot of woodwork so I took a lot of time to decide if I was going to make such a big expenditure for this saw.  I love it and as I work with it more and more find that I am really happy with it.   I have started a project that I will share later with everyone and this saw is making it fun to do the project.
Measuring is sometimes a challenge for small items so I am a huge fan of the mini square and the centre finding ruler.
Another item that I find invaluable is the gluing jigs made by Kreative Acrylics.  I like to clamp small items to the corner and leave them to set to a perfect right angle.
And, my most recent find - the rare earth magnet right angle gluing jig.  It comes in a couple of sizes - one perfect for anyone doing 1/24 scale.
A number of these items are available through the Micro-Mark catalogue and website.  I picked up a couple of the items below at the local hardware store.

Microlux Tilt Arbor Table Saw - Micro-Mark

Mini Square - Micro-Mark
Centre Finding Ruler - Lee Valley Tools
Mini Level - Micro-Mark

Large Square -Hardware Store
Clamps - Hardware Store
Kreative Acrylics - Gluing Jig

Rare Earth Magnetic Right Angle Clamps - Micro-Mark


  1. Hi Martha,

    The table saw looks very cool! I too love the mini square which was a gift from a friend…you know who you are :-)


    1. Hi Julie,
      It is still one of my "go to" miniature items when working on miniatures.
      Talk soon,

  2. I'm so jealous of your tool collection! I really have to step it up. Glad to see you back, Martha.


    1. Hi John,
      While the finished product is always wonderful, I find these items so helpful during the process!

  3. Hello Martha,
    Thank you for the great post. A mini table saw has been on my list for a while. A wonderful friend gave me that same square ;) and I am amazed at how useful it has been. I think it is my best tool right now.
    big hug,

    1. Giac,
      The table saw is amazing! A bit pricey - but so worth it!
      Hugs back,