Sunday, 19 May 2013

Making Miniature Draperies

I spent some time working on the draperies for my bedsitting room over the weekend.  I had chosen a silk fabric for this room and some of you will recognize that it is one of the designs by Susan Bembridge.  It is "The Peacock Garden" taken from a 19th century wallpaper in the earlier "chinoiserie" style.   I loved the colours in this fabric. I have stitched a punch needle carpet for the sitting room in the same colours and the photo is below.  I also thought that Leslie Smith's "Il Bacio" would be wonderful in this room as it a strong painting and many of the colours in the painting work with the colours in the two rooms.
I wanted a soft look for the draperies in this room.  I needed to line these to give them a little shape.  I used one of Meadowcroft Miniatures drapery rods which come in many lengths along with the supports for the wall and rings although in this case I opted not to use them.  I took a few photos as I wanted to show you how I made the curtains.

Meadowcroft curtain rod - I didn't use the rings

Two panel widths - iron under bottom of drapes
Lined with factory cotton to stiffen the silk cut for finished width
Stitched edges together
Folded right side up and then I folded top over to make casing
Used my casing tool to pull floss through the casing
Dental floss pulled tight to make gathers after threading on rod
Drapes rather full at this point
Pinned to a grid in "loose" gathers

Steamed to hold shape
Floss pulled top and light stitch at bottom to hold in place

Finished draperies

Painting by Leslie Smith

My punch needle carpet in colours to compliment the fabric

Now - they need some tie backs to finish them!


  1. Hi Martha,

    Lovely draperies! Looking forward to seeing the room develop :-)


  2. Martha, the draperies are looking fabulous and very realistic. The punch needle rug will fit perfectly matching the colors. Can't wait to see the room completely decorated. Mini hugs, natalia

  3. Hello Martha! Your choice of fabric for the drapes is very pretty! The pattern is like a 'garden' against the back wall . The pink tints of the walls, blends harmoniously with the fabric and the flooring. Very feminine.


  4. Such beautiful fabric! You did a lovely job :) I really like the ceiling in the room with the fireplace and the side built in cabinetry. Looking forward to more!


  5. Hell omartha,
    I really like your technique and will try it on some of my windows. The curtains look beautiful and they hang very realistically. The fabric is just perfect for the room, and the carpet and painting are just right! you have such an eye for just the right details!
    Big hug,

  6. Hello Everyone,
    I would like to thank everyone who took the time to comment on my draperies. I appreciate your comments and I look forward to finishing this project over the next while.
    Thanks again,