Thursday, 14 March 2013

Weathering Copper - Naturally!

One of the many projects listed in one of my first posts is my conservatory.  This project seems to be one of those that I start working on and then leave for a bit.  I wanted a weathered copper roof for this structure. 
I cut the pieces from a sheet of copper and then tried various methods of "weathering" it after searching online for various ideas to try.   I tried all sorts of things which did not give me the effect that I was trying to achieve.   So, knowing that it would be awhile before I would get back to work on this project, I decided to leave it outside for the winter.  It has turned from a beautifully shiney copper to this darkened "weathered" look.
So, anyone that is not in a hurry - it works!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Le Kiosk

I have decided that my next project that I am going to focus on will be my Kiosk kit.  I purchased it a number of years ago online and I do not know if any of these kits are still available.  I have posted a photo of the box and one of the image of it assembled that I printed years ago when I ordered the kit.
Instead of making it into a magazine Kiosk like you would see on many street corners in Paris, I am going to turn it into a flower Kiosk instead.  I have taken numerous photos over the years when we have been on a holiday of flower shops, flower markets and flower stands.  I do still intend to make a shop but this seems like something that will work up quickly.
Over the years, I have collected all sorts of items suitable for this project.  I do not know the maker of the wrought iron pieces but I think that they will be a nice addition to this project.  The potting bench and other items are from the husband and wife team of TYA kitchen who will be exhibiting at the Bishop Show again this year in Chicago in April.