Sunday, 6 January 2013

Reupholstering A Settee

How many times have you purchased something for your miniature project to find that the colours do not quite work with your colour scheme?
I completed a wonderful project with Ray Whitledge and Scott Burgess (the Gentleman's Sanctum) a few years ago but I have been slow to furnish it.  I was on a quest for the perfect fabric and sofa for the room.  I finally came across some furniture that I like but the fabric was all wrong. So, I set about reupholstering the piece.  Now that I have completed the first, I will reupholster another and a couple of chairs in a coordinating fabric.
I took this entire piece apart carefully so that I could use the patterns and the foam.  I have done some other projects before where I have had to trace the patterns and cut new foam.  I was lucky with this piece and could use the original card and foam as sometimes there is so much glue that it does not come apart easily.
Fabric to be removed

Taking apart settee
Fabric cut to shape of wood
Remove fabric carefully so that you can use the pattern and foam
Cut settee seat fabric to same shape for glueing to wood

Eliminating as much fabric as possible in corners
I used fast grab tacky glue
Fabric was glued to seat - marking where fabric must line up

Marking back for lining up pattern of fabric
Gluing bottom first as it will show where the seat meets the back

Finished pieces to be put back together

Glue wherever the pieces are going to touch

Newly upholstered - needing trim which is in 1st photo at top




  1. Hello Martha,
    Fantastic work! I have never reupholstered any piece for fear of messing it up. The fabric is beautiful and it looks so nice, tight and clean.
    Terrific work my friend.
    Big hug,

  2. Hi Martha,

    You have done a wonderful job reupholstering the sofa. I love the fabric too :-)

    Your step-by-step pics will be a great reference for anyone embarking on their own reupholstery project.


  3. Beautiful job! You make it look so easy!