Friday, 25 January 2013

My Latest Dollhouse "Find"

I happened to see this old compact online recently.  I thought that it would be perfect for my dollhouse.  It had never been used for powder and was in its original box.
I intend to take the compact apart and will now wait patiently until I find a 3 inch frame that will work with this piece of petit point.  If I cannot find something, I will likely make a square frame with a round matt or "float" it in a square frame.
How many others use items in their miniature settings that were not intended for a dollhouse originally(other than Giac and Ray?)


  1. Hello Martha,
    That has to be the best miniature find ever. What a gorgeous petit point! Absolutley beautiful!
    Big hug...and I can't wait to see you in March!

  2. Hi Martha,

    What a lovely piece of needlework…It will make a stunning focal point in a grand room :->

    I have 2 pieces of embroidery on silk framed as pictures in my James Bay House. I rescued them from a couple of tattered WW1 era postcards from my mother's collection. They were popular items, sent home by soldiers fighting in France to their loved ones back home and can often be found at postcard collecting fairs.


  3. Hi Martha,yes I do. I have a victorian charm-pill box shaped like a fish which is veeeery small and it is on a mantlepiece.
    Then there is a Limoges party favour,a small dish painted with a sweet XVII century vignette.
    Then I have a small round glass with a gilted frame on a a fireplace an a lovely miniature portrait painted on ivory which was gifted tomy grandma at her first communion some 86 years ago and I might go on.
    I love finding "real" pieces suitable for a mini house and your powder box is a real jewel.

  4. que belleza de bordado, donde se pueden comprar estos patrones?