Monday, 10 December 2012

Miniature Christmas Market Stall Preparation

A number of my miniaturist friends have assembled Christmas market stalls.  I recently found an older market stall while shopping on the web.  It appears to be an older kit from the age of the box.  I am hoping that someone may know of a source to find another as now that I have sorted through my Christmas miniatures for this stall, I would really like to find a second one to do another! Or, if you have another source for a kit, I would appreciate any information that you could provide for me.

The stall comes preassembled and I decided that perhaps I would darken the wood without sanding the stall first to leave a rough finish. I mixed some different stains until I was happy with the final colour.   There are a few glue spots from when it was assembled initially that did not take the stain but I think that they will be covered when I am done.    I did not really like the fabric on the top so I removed it.  I did not have anything suitable to replace it with so I decided to do a different roof.

 I glued a piece of veneer on the top and then added some shingles which I sealed first with a light coat of sprayed varnish.  I have sprayed all my shingles for my various projects so that I can use a damp cloth to dust them when necessary.

I decided that I wanted to trim the end pieces of the wood with some strip would that I stained a slighted darker colour for a bit of contrast for the shelves.  I also finished all of the ends with fine strip wood the same colour as the rest of the stall.
The shelves were glued in when I bought the stall and are not quite level.  I do not think that once they are filled they will be noticeable!
Hopefully, I will have a photo of the finished stall shortly to share.



  1. Hello Martha,

    What a great market stall! I really like the stain you have used and I prefer the shingles too.

    I really don't think that the wonky shelf will be noticeable when filled with wonderful Christmas goodies :-)

    I hope you are successful in your search for another one and am looking forward to seeing this one completed ;->


  2. Hello Martha,
    What a great project. I think you really made it look much better with the shingles and the color is great.I think the off balance shelf will add to the realism of the piece. One way or the other, i know you will make it work, you always do!
    I look forward to seeing more.
    Big hug,