Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas Scene Class With Nell Corkin

What a great class!  This was a bonus class for a friend and me at the Philadelphia show this year.  Nell generously offered to teach this class a second day when our other scheduled class was cancelled as a result of the storm.  We created a miniature Christmas scene in a glass dome which was all provided by Nell.
I have never worked in 1/144 scale before and it was really fun to do this project which required good light and good eyes!.  It is amazing to me how many details that can be added to this scale.  You must visit Nell Corkin's website  and her blog to see her work.  You must also read about her varied artistic background.  I am always fascinated how some people arrive at creating such wonderful miniatures! Please scroll down to see the completed project!
Tiny cast chair - tweezers were a must for this class!

All items were stuck to double sided tape - I still lost a piece!
I did not take very many photos in this class so only have a few to share. We started by adding details to Nell's precast chair and ottoman.  We added the dust ruffle and then painted the chair giving it more details than I would have imagined on something so tiny!
We painted all of the tiny presents, assembled and decorated the tree. and then we did the same to the tiny dollhouse!
Nell's Pastry Display
Nell had one of her other dome vignettes to show us that was available for sale.  A tiny pastry display!
My finished Christmas vignette
This is my finished project which I was quite happy with at the end of the day.    I have photographed it all around for you to see the tiny details.  I adore the dollhouse under the tree!  The chair ended up with a ruffle with lace and wood and gilt details.  The tree with its topper and decorations were fun to do as well!

A really fun class and anyone that loves this scale must take a class with Nell if you get the chance!
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  1. Hello Martha,

    This is a workshop that I would have loved to take :-) I love Christmas and I love painting little-biddy things.

    It is really amazing, how much detail can be achieved at such a tiny scale. Your finished project looks wonderful!


  2. How nice! It would be a lovely gift for Christmas, to those who love miniatures. How lucky for you to have the opportunity to attend all of these workshops!

  3. How beautiful...and so little.

    Kind regards Xandra

  4. Hello Martha,
    That is fantastic! I just love your project. So much detail and so really are an icnredibly talented artist Martha! You've put me in the holiday spirit!
    Big hug,

  5. Hi Martha, I am glad that I found your blog. You work is fabulous and very impressive! Mini hugs. Natalia