Thursday, 25 October 2012

Townhouse Plans

I purchased this house shell assembled and immediately wanted to change things about the house.   That will become a recurring theme in this blog....

 The doors and windows that came with the house were not to my liking so I have changed them.  I have a number of building components that I have purchased over the years so I combined two door components to get the look that I wanted for this house.  I will have to cut the opening so that the door fits.

My friend Raymond Storey (glassblower and miniature light maker) did me a special favour and frosted a glass piece for my front door panel.  The windows that I chose came with acrylic panels so I have since (with the help of my husband) cut some glass to fit those as well.
The Ironworks & Black Country Miniatures

The Ironworks & Black Country Miniatures
Over the years, I have accumulated some great sources when it comes to doing custom work for a project.  Mike Tripp and his wife Patricia of The Ironworks & Black Country Miniatures from the UK have a wonderful range of metal items for miniature projects.  From fancy dormer crest strips, garden arches,bespoke railings, stair cases, brass house letters, name plates, gates, street lamps to various etched items, their metal work is well worth a look for those that do not know them.   I left a window with Mike when I saw him at the Kensington Dollhouse Festival and he suggested that he make them so that they would nestle snuggly into the window frame.  I will secure them permanently but for the purpose of taking these photos they stayed put!  He also suggested the window guards for the ground floor and made the wood piece for them to rest on for me.
I have not ordered this stair railing yet but will at a later date when I start work on the front of the house.

I have removed all the interior walls and the staircases that came with the house so that I could start with a completely empty shell.  I did want staircases that took up as little space as possible so I bought the most narrow ones that I could source and have since painted those.
My plan for the ground floor was to position the wall to line up with the center door.  I will have a tiny entryhall with dining area behind on the ground floor as well as a galley kitchen.

The second floor will be the living room.  The third will be the bedroom and the top level will have a bathroom and perhaps some closets (still not quite sure.)


Those are my plans so far for this town house.  I have bought some interior and exterior finishes for this house which I will show you as I progress with the work.
Any suggestions would be greatly accepted as I move forward!


  1. Hello Martha,
    I love what you plan to do with the house. The exterior elements you've shown us are just wonderful and will really make this project very personal. Are you going for a perticular theme or period with the house? The narrow stairs are a great way to save space and they look really good with the dark step. I can't wait to see it come to life...but then again you know how much I admire your work.
    Big hug and have a wonderful weekend,

  2. Hello Martha,

    With the exterior details you have so far, it looks like the quintessential London townhouse. I see "Edwardian Upstairs" a la Upstairs Downstairs (the TV series), but you could choose any historical period, from Regency to the Present for this classic structure.

    The narrow staircase is a great space-saving idea as the stairs often take up too much room in English-style dollhouses.

    I love this style of house and am looking forward to seeing it come to life.


  3. HELLO, MARTHA!Follow with interest your project. I also have a project to start. I'm impressed by your workshop. Thank you for your interesting links.

  4. Hello Martha!
    I just love all your exterior components - they are absolutely fantastic! What a wonderful house you will be working on too! I am keen to see your progress! x

  5. I would like to say. I'm only 13, and your Blog had inspired me to start with some miniatures. I had made a 4 unit dwelling with some Miniatures my brother purchased for me and he used that one to a home plan maker who drew it out. I love the fact that we are "living in my miniature" now. I'd like to thank you.

    Jessie E.

    1. Jessie,
      I am so glad to hear that you are going to do some miniature projects. It is a very creative hobby and I hope that you will share your progress with future comments.