Monday, 29 October 2012

Pink Bedroom - My Dollhouse

I spent some time over these past few weekends working on the little girl's bedroom in my dollhouse.
Pink Bedroom

I had already chosen a silk fabric for the window shade so I continued the same silk throughout the room.   I used the "Pretty Pleat Pleater" by d.Anne Ruff to help me make the fabric shade.  I lined it with a sheer fabric as it can be seen from the outside of my dollhouse.
Balloon Shade

The bed I choose was a bed that had been painted with gold trim.  It seemed a bit fancy for me so I repainted it and dressed it with the silk stripe fabric.  I also had a set of sheets and pillows to use that was made from vintage linens that I purchased from Hilda Burden in the UK a number of years ago.
Bed Before

Dressed Bed
In order to showcase some of the toys and miniatures that I have for this room, I thought that it needed a toy cupboard.  This is another piece of furniture that I repainted with pink highlights and inserted some fabric into the bottom panels to coordinate with the rest of the room.
Toy Cupboard
I also repainted some night tables and recovered a chair for this room.  I used a lamp that I repainted and covered the shade in a plain pink silk.
Recovered Chair, Painted Night Table & Lamp
I think that perhaps I may add some trim to hide a few things on the chair but covered in toys - it might be fine as it is now!
Furniture in Bedroom


  1. What a beautiful room en furniture

    Kind regards Xandra

  2. I agree, it all looks wonderful! All your recovering & repainting has created a very beautiful bedroom! x

  3. Hello Martha,

    What a lovely room this will be! I really like the pale pink and white colour scheme :-) You did a great job with the balloon shades and the re-upholstering…I am impressed :-> Looking forward to seeing the room filled with toys.


  4. Hi Martha,this room is truly lovely. In Italy we'd call it a "bomboniera" aka candy box or edding favour.
    Truly adorable. Rosanna

  5. Hello Martha,
    Just ebautiful. I am so happy you have started this blog. I adore Exquisite Miniatures, but you have so much talent and succeed so beautifully that it really was a shame that we could not see your work showcased. The shades are perfect, your upholstery is perfrect, and your sense of esthetic is perfect. I am always so impressed.
    Big hug my dear friend,

  6. Thank you for your all of your comments. I am looking forward to making some progress on this house and with encouragement and input - it will be fun!

  7. This is my kind of room, if only little girls were this tidy!!

  8. Ciao ..!!! Bellissima casa delle bambole ...!!! Meraviglioso progetto ..aggiungo questo blog fra i miei preferiti :) ..
    Baci bacini
    Elvira :)

  9. I love all your choices Martha, your bedroom is coming together beautifully.

    Fi x