Monday, 29 October 2012

Pink Bedroom - My Dollhouse

I spent some time over these past few weekends working on the little girl's bedroom in my dollhouse.
Pink Bedroom

I had already chosen a silk fabric for the window shade so I continued the same silk throughout the room.   I used the "Pretty Pleat Pleater" by d.Anne Ruff to help me make the fabric shade.  I lined it with a sheer fabric as it can be seen from the outside of my dollhouse.
Balloon Shade

The bed I choose was a bed that had been painted with gold trim.  It seemed a bit fancy for me so I repainted it and dressed it with the silk stripe fabric.  I also had a set of sheets and pillows to use that was made from vintage linens that I purchased from Hilda Burden in the UK a number of years ago.
Bed Before

Dressed Bed
In order to showcase some of the toys and miniatures that I have for this room, I thought that it needed a toy cupboard.  This is another piece of furniture that I repainted with pink highlights and inserted some fabric into the bottom panels to coordinate with the rest of the room.
Toy Cupboard
I also repainted some night tables and recovered a chair for this room.  I used a lamp that I repainted and covered the shade in a plain pink silk.
Recovered Chair, Painted Night Table & Lamp
I think that perhaps I may add some trim to hide a few things on the chair but covered in toys - it might be fine as it is now!
Furniture in Bedroom

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Townhouse Plans

I purchased this house shell assembled and immediately wanted to change things about the house.   That will become a recurring theme in this blog....

 The doors and windows that came with the house were not to my liking so I have changed them.  I have a number of building components that I have purchased over the years so I combined two door components to get the look that I wanted for this house.  I will have to cut the opening so that the door fits.

My friend Raymond Storey (glassblower and miniature light maker) did me a special favour and frosted a glass piece for my front door panel.  The windows that I chose came with acrylic panels so I have since (with the help of my husband) cut some glass to fit those as well.
The Ironworks & Black Country Miniatures

The Ironworks & Black Country Miniatures
Over the years, I have accumulated some great sources when it comes to doing custom work for a project.  Mike Tripp and his wife Patricia of The Ironworks & Black Country Miniatures from the UK have a wonderful range of metal items for miniature projects.  From fancy dormer crest strips, garden arches,bespoke railings, stair cases, brass house letters, name plates, gates, street lamps to various etched items, their metal work is well worth a look for those that do not know them.   I left a window with Mike when I saw him at the Kensington Dollhouse Festival and he suggested that he make them so that they would nestle snuggly into the window frame.  I will secure them permanently but for the purpose of taking these photos they stayed put!  He also suggested the window guards for the ground floor and made the wood piece for them to rest on for me.
I have not ordered this stair railing yet but will at a later date when I start work on the front of the house.

I have removed all the interior walls and the staircases that came with the house so that I could start with a completely empty shell.  I did want staircases that took up as little space as possible so I bought the most narrow ones that I could source and have since painted those.
My plan for the ground floor was to position the wall to line up with the center door.  I will have a tiny entryhall with dining area behind on the ground floor as well as a galley kitchen.

The second floor will be the living room.  The third will be the bedroom and the top level will have a bathroom and perhaps some closets (still not quite sure.)


Those are my plans so far for this town house.  I have bought some interior and exterior finishes for this house which I will show you as I progress with the work.
Any suggestions would be greatly accepted as I move forward!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Work In Progress

The title of my blog "My Projects In Miniature"  had to be plural because it seems that I have so many projects on the go at one time!   While I do not believe any miniature project is ever quite finished, I hope to work towards at least finishing the structures in which to display so many of the wonderful items that I have collected over the years.
I will give you an idea of the range of my projects in this initial post.  My wishlist is endless to create more rooms in miniature but space constraints in my home play a role in what I make in miniature.  At the top of my list though are two flower shops - one a "country style" shop and another more sophisticated one as well.  As well as an interest in floristry, I have a food background which means - you guessed it - a restaurant kitchen!

This is a dollhouse that I bought because of its relatively small size.  My friend Sophia has bought the same house and has changed it to suit her passion for all things French!  She has worked steadily on hers yet mine sits waiting for me to work on it.  I have acquired a number of finishes and some wallpaper which I will show you at a later date!
Summer Cottage
This project is one that I recently purchased to satisfy my desire to build a summer type cottage in miniature.  We spend our summers on the water and I am looking forward to starting this one!
Log Cabin
This is a kit that I started awhile ago as well.  It was modified (I never seem to do things as they are meant to be done) and I actually worked on this one over the summer.....more on this one later.
Le Kiosk
This is a small laser cut Kiosk kit that I purchased a few years ago with a view to turning into a flower stall.  Now, with a desire to do a couple of flower shops - this may turn into something else - any suggestions?
Yet another flower related project, I am working on this one over time.  At the moment, my sheets of copper roofing are sitting outside in the natural elements and will remain there until next spring allowing nature to colour them on its own!
Chanel Suite WB Class
This is my version of the Chanel Suite done in a class with Ray Whitledge.  It is waiting for drapes and furnishings!
TYA Kitchen
The starting point of my miniature restaurant kitchen.  This unit is from the incredibly talented husband and wife team of TYA Kitchen from Japan.
I will make the flowers for my shops once they are built.  I have some wonderful garden related miniatures to add to these projects.

My Dollhouse
And finally, my dollhouse!  This is an earlier picture of the house.  I often wish that I had started with a smaller project to learn some finishing techniques before I launched into such a large house project.  I made a great many mistakes with this house.   It still needs draperies and a few finishing touches so I will share my progress as I really would like to finish a few more of the rooms in this house.